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Training for the tactical operator


Tactical Medical Courses

All Tactical Medical Courses focus the tactical medical provider/first responder on Tactical Emergency/Combat Casualty Care skills and the tactical environment from point of injury to casualty evacuation to include long term care.   Scenario training with moulaged role players and the Advanced Lab are also available with each course.  CECBEMS CEHs available.
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Tactical Courses

All Courses are taught by lecture, followed by demonstration and practical application and are designed to provide students with a challenging learning environment that will enhance the skills that are necessary to be successful in real world situations. Courses may be combined/tailored to meet the agency’s mission and timeline
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Tactical Shooting Courses

All Tactical Shooting Courses are designed to develop and/or refresh the individuals marksmanship fundamentals through demonstration and live fire practical application.  Courses may be combined/custom tailored to meet agency’s mission and timeline.
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