Simmec Training Solutions
Training for the tactical operator

Tactical Shooting Courses

All Tactical Shooting Courses are taught using a straight forward realistic approach to training by lecture, demonstration and practical application. Students will learn to efficiently handle their weapons and shoot from basic to unorthodox shooting positions, utilize and negotiate barricades, engage single to multiple threats from known to unknown distances and work in multiple person teams, among other skills.

Courses may be combined/ tailored to meet the agency’s mission and timeline

Basic Pistol Course

Designed to enhance the Tactical Operator’s pistol handling skills in order to increase confidence level during tactical employment. Course includes; Tactical Discrimination; Load/Unload, Stance, Presentation/Dry Fire, Accuracy Drills, Malfunctions, Marksmanship Fundamentals, Barricades, Shooting on the Move, Moving while Shooting, Facing Movements/Shooting Positions, Support Side Draw and Malfunctions, Methods of Shot Delivery, Multiple Target Engagement

Advanced Pistol Course

Focuses the shooter on advanced employment of the pistol from the concealed position. Included; Shooting Positions,  Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Methods of Shot Delivery and Target Discrimination, Steel Drills, Malfunctions/Stoppages, Facing Movements, Advanced/Speed Reloads, Support Side Shooting, Single/Multiple Target Engagements, Fighting from a Barricade, Shooting on the Move, One/Two Man Fighting from a Barricade

Basic Carbine Course

Designed to sharpen the skills in weapons manipulation and accuracy. Included; Weapon Maintenance/Safety/Familiarization, Organic Optics Employment, Fundamentals of Marksmanship/Zero, 100/300 Meter Printing/External Ballistics, Malfunctions/Stoppages, Shooting Positions, Methods of Shot Delivery and Target Discrimination, Facing Movements, Multiple Target Engagements, Fighting from a Barricade, Stance.

Advanced Carbine Course

Reviews the “basic” skills and focuses the shooter on advanced employment of the carbine. Includes; Target Discrimination, Shooting Positions, Methods of Shot Delivery Variation, Single/Multiple Target Engagements, Advanced/Speed Reloads, Transition Drills, Support Side Shooting, Long Range Steel, Shooting on the Move, One/Two Man Fighting from a Barricade

Basic Sniper Course

Purpose is to familiarize the student with the issued weapon, learning it’s capabilities and limitations out to 500 yards.  This course is also intended as a re-qualification or refresher training for those who are already sniper qualified. Includes; Weapons Handling, Weapons Maintenance, Optics and Mounting, Laser Rangefinders, Auxiliary Equipment, Data collection 25-500 yards, Zeroing, Secondary Weapon Sight, Ballistic Computers and Data Books, Concealment Exercises, Command Fire and Frame Shooting

Sniper Enhancement Course
The training consists of classroom lecture and extensive practical application with the purpose of providing students with the information and confidence to accurately engage targets with first round hits and rapid reengagement of multiple targets in the most adverse mountainous and high desert areas under all weather conditions day and night. Focus will be on developing individual sniper skills in order to build platoon and team SOP’s throughout all phases of the sniper mission with precision target engagement capability, day or night, up to 1800 meters.

Urban Sniper/Hides Course

Designed to familiarize the student with the techniques used to build sniper hides in the urban environment.  Students will be required to build a series of urban hides for use as observation and sniper support for the le entry team.  Students will also learn how to detect sniper hides and counter the threat of terror related sniper crimes.  Includes; Zeroing the Rifle, Urban Camouflage,  Urban Hide Construction, Vehicle Hides, Suppressor Use and Capabilities, Observation Skills, Hide Detection, Loophole shooting, Angle Shooting

Low Light Deliberate Entry Course

Arms the student with the tools to be effective in low light engagements through the use of proper white light employment and deliberate entry tactics.  Students will engage in approximately 50-75 force on force engagements in various disruptive environments.  The backbone of this course is the deliberate entry tactics coupled with white light use, which has been proven in combat as a safer way of clearing and controlling areas with active shooters when a tactical team is not present or the equipment is not available to conduct multiple dynamic entries. Includes; Strong/Support Side Shooting, Fighting from a Barricade, Handgun Light Techniques, Patrol Rifle Light Techniques, Wagon Wheel Theory, Dead Space, Deliberate Entry Principles, Force on Force Training

Night Fighter Course

Designed to enhance the shooter’s night fighting capability and employment with the pistol and carbine. Includes; Equipment Setup and Secondary Light, External Ballistics, Organic Optics Employment, Target Discrimination, Shooting Positions, Single/Multiple Target Engagements, Transition Drills, Long Range Steel, Shooting on the Move, One/Two Man Barricade Fighting

Tactical Machine Gun Course

Designed to develop and/or refresh the individual in machine gun employment fundamentals. The course begins with weapon familiarization and safe handling. Key subjects include loading/unloading and malfunctions, day and night optics and thermals, stoppages and malfunctions, known and unknown distance with and without optics/lasers day and night, mounted shooting on the move at night